The area of focus and lines of research

The courses have an area of concentration in Health Sciences, which is the focus of research of the faculty, in particular epidemiological aspects, diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, histopathology and disease prevention. The Post-graduate Program in Health Sciences has 04 research lines as described below:

1)    Clinical Research:

Investigation of epidemiological, clinical aspects and diagnosis of non-infectious diseases and non-immunological. This line also includes clinical trials.

2) Clinical Immunology and Allergy:

Encompasses clinical epidemiological studies and immunopathogenesis of allergic disorders, autoimmune diseases and immune deficiency.

3) Infectious diseases

Investigation of aspects including epidemiological, diagnostic, clinical, prognoses and therapies of some infectious diseases such as viral hepatitis, Chagas disease, respiratory infection, pneumococcal infection, infection of the central nervous system, and staph infection.

4) Immunology of tropical diseases:

Assessment of defense mechanisms and immune mechanisms of tissue aggression from tropical diseases including in particular leishmanioses, schistosomiasis, Chagas disease, malaria and helminthiasis.

5) Bioethics and health: (FINISHED)

The line of research called Bioethics and Health includes three research areas, namely:

a)    The ethical issues related to the plurality of aspects that interfere with human health, whether due to inadequate or poor distribution of medical attention or consequences of hasty applications of advances in technoscience;

b) Study, reflection and elaboration of methodological proposals about the teaching of Bioethics in the health area;

c) Reflections and search for information about scientific integrity in the area of  Brazilian health, on the basis of ethics of responsibility that ensures the society the right to good science without fraud, falsification or plagiarism.