Instructions for Selection 2017.1

The Master’s Program accepts 16 (sixteen) students, and the Doctorate Program absorbs 16 students in the first semester. Another group of 10 students are accepted in the second semester of the Doctorate Program.

The following documents are required for a candidate to apply for the Master and Doctorate programs:

A certified photocopy of an undergraduate diploma (from an institution that is recognized by the Education Ministry) in the area of Biological Sciences and Health Professions as defined by the internal regulation of this program + one ordinary copy;

An authenticated photocopy of the ID + one ordinary copy;

A certified photocopy of the Voting Registration and a Proof of Voting (VVPAT) in the last election + one ordinary copy;

A certified photocopy of the CPF + one ordinary copy;

A certified photocopy of the Military certificate or proof of exemption (male candidates only) + one ordinary copy;

Two ID-size photos;

Three copies of the candidates Curriculum Vitae updated and retrieved from the CNPq's Lattes platform, dated and signed by the candidate, accompanied by his/her main supporting documents (the first page of each publication in Journals and Conferences in which the candidate is shown, plus the journal, or the Conference name), additional certificates, any specializations, internships, and educational activities. Two copies of each of these supporting documents must be presented.

Three copies of a Research Project with up to four pages for the MASTER'S DEGREE candidates and up to 6 pages for DOCTORATE candidates, including the following items: title, objectives, theoretical basis, preliminary results (if available), methodology, Ethics in Research committee approval (with also three attached copies of supporting document), funding sources, and references. The proposed project must be followed by 2 copies of a letter written in a standard format by the Professor-Supervisor (a member of the PPgCS faculty), and handed in with the application, each copy in two separate and sealed envelopes, so that the content of the letter will be known only by the Selection Committee during the selection process (the candidate’s name and the course for which he/she is applying must be on these envelopes). The project will be evaluated taking into account the importance of the theme, the scientific merit of the proposal, its methodology, and its viability within PPgCS timeframe (implementation phase), and the availability of financial resouces;

An application form (below), which must be properly filled in a Word format by the candidate, who is responsible for the submitted information.

This application form must be printed, signed and dated by the candidate, and must be sealed in the envelope by the PPgCS Secretary  (in the presence of the candidate or his/her attorney, who also must be initial the envelop) along with the registration documents;

The bank proof of payment (original) of the application fee for the selection of graduate programs + one ordinary copy.

Application payment slip included herein.

Original or authenticated declaration from the Institute of Letters including the grade equal or greater than 5, required for approval. The English test must be scheduled by the candidates at the Institute of Letters of UFBA through a public notice published semi-annually on the site <>.

The following documents are required for the Master’s Program application:

One certified photocopy of the Undergraduate academic record. + one ordinary copy;

The following documents are required for the Doctorate Program application:

One certified photocopy of the Master’s academic record + one ordinary copy;

The Master´s Degree certificate may be substituted by a certificate of course conclusion or one copy of a published or accepted article for publication in journals with impact factor (JCR) > 1, of which the candidate must be the first author. If the candidate is unable to confirm this, even after the application, it will render the application invalid.

The master´s graduates who are applying for the Doctorate Program must hand in a draft of his/her Master dissertation along with a letter, written by the supervisor, stating that the Master defense will take place no later than February of the following year, which must also be signed by the Master student.

If original documents are presented, the PPgCS Secretary may certify all the respective copies upon registration.

The target group are graduates of Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, or Speech Therapy.