The general objective of PPgCS is to offer higher education training and clinical research for professionals in the areas of biological sciences and health (biologists, biomedical, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, doctors, veterinarians and dentists), with an emphasis on epidemiological, diagnostical, histopathological, therapeutic, prognostic and preventive aspects of diseases.

In the PPgCS, outstanding Brazilian researchers work along with newly graduated PhDs, providing the environment for the development of human resources education in Bahia and of new researchers.


Therefore, the specific objectives are:

to train professionals able to create and criticize, producing knowledge applicable to actions geared towards health;

to provide the opportunity for further training of newly graduated PhDs with postdoctoral activities;

to absorb newly trained researchers, productive and with international visibility demonstrated by the regular publication of articles in journals and periodicals classified under Qualis A;

to promote continuous training of faculty members particularly at international level.