Eduardo M. Netto

Eduardo M. Netto became  a doctor at the University of Brasilia (1984), has  a Master’s in Internal Medicine from the Federal University of Bahia (1990), a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University (1992) and a Doctor of Medicine and Health from University of Bahia (2006). He was the Medical Officer responsible for the global monitoring of tuberculosis at the World Health Organisation (1996-1998). Currently he is a Medical Epidemiologist at the Federal University of Bahia (1993 and professor of Biostatistics (2006) and Bioethics (2011) at the Post-graduate Program do Programa in Medicine and Health / UFBA. He is the Coordinator of the Research Ethics Committee at the Maternity unit Climério de Oliveira / UFBA ( CEPMCO ) (2010 ) and of the Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine in Bahia / UFBA ( CEPFMB ) ( 2012). Medical Researcher (2008 ) at the José Silveira Foundation / Brazilian Institute for Research on Tuberculosis (IBIT/FJS). He has experience in Internal Medicine and conducts research in the area of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, mainly in: HIV, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis , leprosy , epidemiology and clinical trials.

MD, PhD in Medicine and Health